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BLISS, for us, means feeling great about being there, and doing what we love...

We practice surf and yoga year round here in Médoc, and are absolutely positive about the fact that those activities lead to pure Bliss !

La Bliss Compagnie is the teaming of a yoga and a surf school. We are offering year round Yoga and Surf classes, and Paddle Yoga when the weather gets warmer...


Meet us in Montalivet and share some Bliss moments...

On Vensac's beach, a few steps north of Montalivet, meet us to discover surfing, or to improve your skills.

Individualised courses, gear adapted to your skills and to the day's conditions. Come alone or as a group !

Dynamic courses in a sunny mood and a lot of attention about your needs. Cadenced by your breath and soft music, the sequences include series of asanas, some pranayama, and we finish with mindfulness meditation. Every course is different.  

On a private pond in a great natural area, discover this practice that associates the benefits of yoga to the soothing effect of water.




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 8 rue René Davidou 33930 Montalivet

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