- Vinyasa, Hatha or Yin lessons year round -

Practice yoga year round in Montalivet !

Marie-Gabrielle teaches vinyasa, hatha and yin, in a place ideal for relaxation. 

Feel, listen, observe, breathe

My classes are a mix of Vinyasa and Hatha. You will find a dynamic yoga, focused on the stances, harmonisation and breathing.

Those sequences bring a lot of tonicity, energy and help increase concentration. It will bring a better perception of body, feelings, emotions, and develops your everyday well-being.  


I am adjusting to people and to their fitness level, I always propose different options so everyone can find what he came for : comfort or challenge. It is very important to listen to your body and respect its limits.

Schedules & places

- Montalivet-

A la maison des jeunes 

wednesday 6.30 to 7.30 pm vinyasa and 7.30 to 8.30 pm yin

friday 9.00 to 10.00 am

A la grange du Patrimoine

Sunday 10.00 to 11.00 am

- Lesparre -

A l'école de danse

Energie Danse Médoc,


12.15 to 13.15 a.m


Saison 2018/ 2019 : 

Single lesson: 10 €

10 lessons card: 90 €

3 months unlimited: 120 €

Private lesson :

Your place or mine: 1h30 lesson, 50 €


For an event :

For a private group, with friends, 

Ask us what we can do !

Your coach

Trained during 6 months at the San Luis Obispo Yoga studio, California.  200HR Formation certified Yoga Alliance Internationale (YAI certifies yoga teachers from all traditions and styles of yoga, following some high quality standards.)


50H YIN YOGA avec Sandrine Martin

I am Marie-Gabrielle. I discovered yoga a dozen years ago.

I quickly felt this discipline was suiting me, and I took some training over time to improve my practice, and pass to the others what I was feeling.
I took advantage of a long stay in California to do a teacher training. 
I am now back in my little town, willing to offer something different. A dynamic yoga, focused on movement, breathing, present moment, with a lot of attention on pranayama and meditation.
My lessons start with a theme, an intention that we are revisiting through the time of practice. We experiment several pranayama exercices, and we always finish with a final relaxation or a short guided meditation. 

We make room in our body and mind, we wake up the energies, tonify, and learn to let it go...


- Bliss Yoga is a not-for-profit association -



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 8 rue René Davidou 33930 Montalivet

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